From the Revitalization Team

From the Revitalization Team

Life is like riding a bicycle – to keep your balance you must keep moving – Albert Einstein

The Revitalization Team kept momentum going by holding our first social event of 2023 last weekend, a Hygge Hangout. We also have February’s Valentine Potluck coming up on Feb 11 in Fellowship Hall. Recaps, including pictures, are available on the UUCE website in the Activities section, which can be found here:

Last week we also kicked off a new Adult RE course on The Science of Well Being, moderated by Todd Underwood and Sarah Stultz. There was great participation in the first class, and we are looking forward to exploring our own paths to happiness in the next nine weeks.

The RT is also pedaling along in putting together a plan to get out more in the community, and to do some advertising. We continue to attend monthly check-ins with other small congregations around the country to support and share ideas with each other.

As we move forward in this year, I want to take a second to express gratitude- thank you for continuing to show up. For coming to events. For attending services, for volunteering on teams or out in the community, for your fellowship in all forms of that word, for your stewardship, even for reading this newsletter. All of us showing up in community is the beautiful work that got us here, and will continue to allow us to exist as a church in the future. It is seen and appreciated.

Erica Lavine, on behalf of the Revitalization Team

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