From the Revitalization Team

From the Revitalization Team

As summer draws to a close, I hope you are feeling refreshed and eager to return to the more structured comforts of our UUCE church year. It’s been a busy season for your Revitalization Team!

  • We’ve attending several more Small Congregation meetings to share ideas with other churches. These monthly Zoom meetings are typically attended by 8-10 members of various Midwest congregations and it’s refreshing to learn what successes and challenges other churches our size are experiencing.
  • We’ve orchestrated a new UUCE community presence at the Elgin Farmers Market. Volunteer members and friends have helped staff our booth for five Fridays and we’ve had fun interacting with the public to let them know that we’re out here and might be just what they’re looking for. While spirituality is not the first thing visitors to a Farmers Market expect to shop for, we certainly have inspired several people to consider visiting us on a Sunday.
  • We’re finishing up plans for hosting a theatrical comedy performance in our sanctuary on Saturday, September 23. In conjunction with Elgin Pride, we’re presenting “5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche,” a scintillating satire of women’s roles in the 1950s, enlisting its characters in a caricature of the sexism, heterosexism, consumerism, and Communism exuberant in the era. Mosaic Players—a traveling theatre troupe whose work embraces social justice, human rights, and equality—are performing the play. Tickets are limited and we greatly appreciate attendees who purchase in advance so we can plan accordingly for the size of the crowd. Simply visit this link for more info and to get your tickets:

Once again, I’d like to encourage you to get as involved as you can with our community. The groups and teams we have are filled with opportunities to build connections with loving people. And if the Revitalization Team interests you, our doors are always open to new members. We meet virtually on the third Wednesday of each month.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Todd Underwood, on behalf of the Revitalization Team

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