From the Revitalization Team

From the Revitalization Team

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz, I wonder where dem boidies iz? This silly saying pops into my mind every spring – can’t find an author to own up it!

Our most exciting spring news right now is the Reopening Team’s announcement that an on-site service option will resume on March 20th! (We will still offer an online Zoom option for all services as well!) As I write this, statistics are still favorable and expected to improve. Thanks to this group for assessing COVID data for months, waiting for numbers to fall and setting guidelines (like masking) to ensure the most possible safety for those who participate in on-site services. In case you didn’t know, the Reopening Team is a subgroup of the Executive Team and members are Mike Moutrie, Mila Brinker, Mary Harlos, Steve Askins, Marj Askins, Chelsea Musson, and Erica Lavine as safety expert.

As we anticipate a gradual return to on-site church activities, let’s commend our resourceful UUCE members who have held us together throughout the pandemic. They continue to bring us very professional weekly online services with music, live delivery, and technical expertise. Volunteering lay-leaders on our Worship team have given inspiring sermons, delving into such intriguing topics as “You Can’t Babysit Your Own Kids, “The Morality of the Satanic Temple,” “The Power of Chaos and Non-Compliance in a COVID World,” and “The Importance of Perspective” to name a few of many. These sermons, written by UUCE members just like you, are available to listen to or read on our website at We are lucky to have members who enjoy sharing their time and talents to produce our services.

I joined the Revitalization Team because UUCE is very important to me and I want our congregation to not just survive, but thrive. The Revitalization Team is busy planning monthly activities that encourage members to get together again. In February, we had a bonfire at the church. On March 5th, we invited everyone to join “a casual late-winter stroll” on the paved trail at Raceway Woods. With warmer weather in the works, outdoor events will happily require more sunscreen and fewer mittens. If you have an idea for a group gathering, let us know! For April, we are considering a family movie event. We are looking forward to bringing back Adult Religious Education offerings. One of my favorites is “Building You Own Theology,” which I would like to attend again when it’s offered. This lay-led class guides members like me in discovering and figuring out our view of the world and our place in it. Many of us have found that our personal “theology” is ever evolving and changes as we ourselves grow and change. In repeating the class, we may be surprised to discover these changes. I am also looking forward to another Face2Face event when we can be together in the church building again. Face2Face is a get acquainted activity, a bit like speed dating. I hope we can resume Circle Supper when we feel it is safe.

Watch for more news!

The Revitalization Team is also seeking guidance from UUA representatives and meeting with the Board of Trustees, Executive Team, and Worship Team on ways to successfully continue as a lay-led congregation, bring current members back, and to attract new members.

In a recent Sunday message, Stephen Day talked about donations of time, talent, and treasure. Our donations of time and talent create our services, activities and groups. Our donations of treasure pay the bills so we can continue to be UUCE for all of us. We need everyone’s time and treasure. UUCE was started in 1866 as “a leading voice of liberal religion.” Let’s make sure it lasts for many years to come!

The Revitalization Team invites you to join us as we plan for our future!

Kathie Wachholder (on behalf of the Revitalization Team) Contact the Revitalization Team:

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