From the Stewardship Team

UUCE Friends and Members,

We kicked off our annual stewardship campaign for 23-24. Sarah Stultz shared a great sermon to start us off. The Stewardship Team has organized pledge forms and information for you. If you were at church, you already picked up your packet, but if not, we put it in the mail for you.

Our theme of Growing in Generosity continues with the idea that great generosity generates great growth. We have much to do at UUCE and our generosity helps us to give back to each other and the community. In the sermon we heard that it is all of us in this interconnected web depending on one another. The message was about believing your good is tied up with the rest of our community. UUCE depends on the donations of members and friends to operate the church which includes things like paying the salaries of our employees, upkeep of the building and grounds and supporting the work of our church. We appreciate any support you can offer in the world of rising costs.

We have created an informational flyer that shows how UUCE is supported. You can find it in your packet or on the link below.

You are encouraged to submit your pledge information online at Please submit completed paper forms no later than March 26, 2023 to: UUCE c/o Stewardship Team Mailbox 39W830 Highland Ave Elgin, IL 60124

We hope you will also consider becoming a Cornerstone Member is you are not already. As a Cornerstone Member, you make the commitment to continue pledging an amount each year equal to or greater than the amount you committed to in the previous year. This ongoing pledge allows the church’s leadership to forecast our budget for the coming year earlier so we can provide more time for input from the congregation.

While we use your previous year’s pledged amount for initial budgeting purposes, we do ask that you increase your pledge each year so we can keep up with rising costs. To help us bring to life our shared vision of an engaging and vibrant community, we are asking members to increase their pledge by 5-10% this year.

We look forward to continuing to grow in generosity with you!

The Stewardship Team, Teresa Stultz, Kathie Wachholder and Ann Kremer

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