From the Worship Team

Greetings from the Worship Team.

We are now several months into being a lay-led church. While the Worship Team has always participated in shaping our Sunday services, we are now doing it all. We as a team have actually absorbed the role of Minister. Every Sunday, we deliver a complete worship service to you, from music and video, community connections and share the plate, to the sermon and readings. As a team, we develop a weekly theme, and each of us takes a turn preparing and delivering a sermon and readings. On any given Sunday, a worship leader and worship assistant coordinate with our music director and our AV/zoom team to bring a meaningful Sunday Morning Church Service to you in our sanctuary and to your home.

This is so much more than just supporting and assisting a minister. We in the Worship Team have all had to think about ourselves as sudden ministers, sourcing old and new ideas to present at a Sunday Morning Church Service that are worthy of our mission as Unitarians in the community. It has always been the Unitarian way to explore other faith systems deeply, find connections, and to find spiritual meaning in ordinary things. We are here to shine the light, not just on ourselves and our impressive history and our inspiring principles, but to shine a light on other traditions and cultures and faith systems that have something to teach us, surprise us, inspire us. We are doing this boldly and with courage, as you can see from our recent weekly themes.

The Worship Team deeply appreciates all the support we get from all of you. We have all been restless and impatient for our sanctuary to be open again. Now we gently move forward, hoping from week to week that we can continue meeting in person. And now we have the challenge of waiting it out for an actual minister. During that time, we are dedicated to filling that very large role. We will bring you the comfortably familiar along with the challenging surprise.

Whether you look out across the sanctuary and see us at the lectern, or you are watching us from home, we want to say thank you for being here. We are hoping that as time goes along, we will be seeing each other more in person and less in pixels.

Cheers, Susan Goldberg, Member of the Worship Team

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