From the Worship Team

After an amazing year of being part of the worship team, I wanted to take some time to acknowledge my unexpected love for our lay led congregation. 

While I know many of us are used to having a permanent minister, I for one am so grateful to get the unique chance of experiencing the creative diversity a lay lead church has to offer! 

Since returning to UUCE, one of my favorite things has been to hear so many different perspectives, ideas, spiritual journeys, talents and writing styles each Sunday from our church members and guest speakers, that in a traditional congregation may have gone unheard. 

Even just seeing the different ways in which each worship leader reads our reoccurring weekly scripts has been so interesting to watch! 

In my time on the team I’ve gotten to know brand new church members, rekindle old friendships and spend time exploring my own spirituality on a deeper level than ever before and it has really sparked my sense of interdependent community within our congregation. 

Not only is a lay led congregation an opportunity to listen to a variety of other’s thoughts and ideas, it’s also an amazing chance to cultivate and share your own personal spirituality that everyone is encouraged to be a part of. 

With that said, we’re always looking for more great minds on the worship team and would love to invite anyone with a passion for spiritual exploration, writing or public speaking to join the team! The more minds the merrier!   

If you’re interested in joining, or even if you just have ideas for upcoming services please reach out by emailing us at

Have a great Halloween weekend!

-Sarah Stultz

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