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For those of us with school-aged children, we are nearing the end of the nine-month period where our schedules are crammed with activities and commitments that make us feel like the cliché plate-spinner.  But now that summer is nearly here, we can finally take a deep breath, relish the less-full calendar, and pat ourselves on the back for surviving it all.  Things feel a little like that with the church year as well – although we no longer take the summers off, we made it through the Annual Meeting (where we said “yes” to another year!) and now we can take a short rest before diving into the next year.   

For the Worship Team, the summer months are no different from the rest of the year, with weekly services to either write or coordinate with outside speakers.  This last year, we were fortunate to bring in three guest speakers – Anne Clough, Rev. Julie Jones (twice), and Rev. Pam Rumancik.  The results from the board survey indicated that you would like to hear more from professional speakers – and the budget that was approved included money for about a speaker a month – so we will be including outside speakers more frequently than we have so far. 

If you have any interest in leading a service or helping out in any way, the Worship Team could use new members to allow some of us to cycle off to lend our talents to other areas of the church.  If you’re interested in seeing how we work, let us know at and you can sit in on one of our upcoming meetings.  (We generally meet the first Wednesday of the month on Teams.) 

If you are traveling this summer – be safe!  And if you’re sticking around, we hope to see you on Sunday! 

Stephen Day for the Worship Team 

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