From your Church Administrator

From your Church Administrator

You might have noticed there’s been a lot of work taking place on the church’s exterior. When I first started back in the Admin. job two years ago, I noticed the building siding and trim was in much need of care. So, I made a proposal to the Executive Team and the Finance Committee that we start a four-year building maintenance plan which included repairing, replacing (where needed) and staining the cedar siding and trim of our beautiful Prairie Cathedral. With the Executive Team’s approval, Mike Moutrie, our ET chair, and I began the research to complete this project.  

We hired an excellent company who have painstakingly completed the first half of the job, the second half is currently in progress. Because the building was in such dire need of work, it was decided the project goal would be to complete the work in two years.  And it looks like we will achieve our goal.

Cracked boards have been replaced, holes have been sealed up, countless birds and insects have been evicted. This plan also included important repair work on our shed. We hope to have a new plan in place to keep a closer eye on our beautiful building exterior and keep up with any repairs as needed.  

Please see the photos below that were taken by Mike Moutrie before and during the process. You can see for yourself when you are at church how beautiful the completed work is which includes the front entrance to the building. 

In peace, 

Mila Brinker, Church Administrator 

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