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The annual Stewardship campaign kicks off this Sunday! Growing the Dream is our goal. Our dream is to be able to have a minister. You have had opportunities to hear from our Board of Trustees about what it would take to grow our church. This is going to take all of us working together and contributing because the church belongs to all of us. We each have a responsibility to contribute in both our service but also in our financial contributions. At the Open House it was clear that we do not have a spending problem, but we have an income problem. We are all working on various ways to address this.

Pledge and other revenue sources (rental, fundraising, donations) support our worship and music programs, our building upkeep and maintenance, our staff which includes our Administrator, our Music Director, and our Religious Education Coordinator, our religious education program, our community outreach, and our connections to Unitarian Universalism. Our budget reflects our mission and vision.

This year we are facing a deficit. For our church to maintain current levels of functioning we need to raise $200,000 this year through our Stewardship campaign. That comes out to $3175.00 per pledging unit. Everyone’s financial life looks different, if you can afford to give more you are supporting those who cannot contribute as much. We are all responsible for giving what we can.

To get to our goal of a quarter time minister at UUCE, we need to raise $225,000 this year through our stewardship campaign. We can do this! Our dream can be real and we can do it together with service, compassion, love, relationship and above all generosity.

We will be updating you on our progress each week towards our goal through the blue and white tree hanging outside Fellowship Hall and the Unichord.

You will receive a letter with your previous pledge information or you can pledge online here:

Thank you for contributing,

The Stewardship Team

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