The Unitarian Universalist Church of Elgin is supported by its members and friends. We have no diocese or umbrella organization to support us if we fail to meet our annual operating budget needs. We are it – we are in effect a co-op.

Our annual stewardship campaign is held in March every year, but pledges can be and are made throughout the year by new members and friends as they realize the value they find here. During the stewardship campaign, every household in our community is asked to make a pledge – a promise – of financial support. The pledge you make and then honor in the upcoming year keeps UUCE thriving.

This Year’s Pledge Drive

This year, as we begin to emerge from two years of a pandemic that have had a significant impact on each of us as well as the church at-large, we are looking forward to coming together and rebuilding and revitalizing our community.

Download the 2023-24 Stewardship Pamphlet here.

If you would like to, you may also set up recurring payments through our pledge service so that your monthly contributions happen automatically through Tithely.