Greetings from the Worship Team

Greetings from the Worship Team

Thank you to everyone that joined us two weeks ago for our In-Gathering / Water Communion service!  It was great to have everyone together once again, including the choir, for the service.  I’m sure the taco luncheon afterwards helped boost attendance, but I hope we’ll continue seeing so many of our friends – old and new – at future services! 

Speaking of future services, in the coming weeks we have some of our annual favorites lined up on the schedule.  On October 30, we’re bringing back the “This I Believe” service with some of our brave congregants sharing the philosophies and truths that make up their core beliefs.  If you have ever thought about being a part of a “This I Believe” service – OR if there is someone you’d like to hear from – let us know!  We are collecting a list of interested people so we can make this a more frequent service once again! 

In mid-November we’ll be holding our bi-annual (or semi-annual) Music Sunday with the Thanksgiving Bread Communion the following week.  While an official call for musicians hasn’t happened yet, go ahead and start thinking about a musical piece you’d like to share with us for Music Sunday! 

Finally, a big thanks to the Worship Team that makes our Sunday services possible.  As a lay-led congregation, our worship services wouldn’t happen without this team of volunteers choosing and researching topics, writing the words, and working with Chelsea, Marj, and the sound team to bring it all together.  Our team has recently undergone some changes: Susan Goldberg has stepped off to focus on other things – including providing childcare on Sundays – and new UUCE member, Michele Ramsey, has jumped in. Thank you, Susan, for your help and welcome aboard, Michele! 

Our team’s mission is to provide excellent worship services for the congregation, so if you ever have any ideas or suggestions for us, please let us know! 

Stephen Day, Worship Team Chair

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