January Board Update

Visit our Board of Trustees page to meet our current BoT leadership.

New Business

Budget Shortfall

There is a budget shortfall for the current year (2020-2021) based on the Finance Committee’s report. We discussed the current budget shortfall and some potential ideas to work with Stewardship and the Service Auction committees to address it.

Board Reflection

We discussed a series of questions addressing our current feelings about how we are functioning and how we can support one another through “pandemic fatigue.” We have moved to biweekly meetings for the time being.

Ongoing Business

Trustee of the Day

The schedule for the once-monthly Trustee of the Day update has been set for the remainder of the church year.

Next Steps for Search Committee

We briefly discussed the results of the congregational calling, and will be taking a deeper dive into this at our next meeting on February 2nd.

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