Fair Trade Products

Fair Trade is a global movement focused on supporting ethical production practices across the world. Certified Fair Trade goods have been evaluated on their social, environmental, and economic impacts, meaning Fair Trade products support the communities throughout their supply chain.

Products at UUCE

At UUCE, we serve Fair Trade coffee for our Fellowship Hour each week after the service. All our coffee is shade grown, which benefits wild birds because it doesn’t require clearing forests for plantations. We also sell Fair Trade, organic coffee, teas, chocolates, and olive oil year-round in the Fellowship Hall. Purchases must be made in cash, and change cannot always be guaranteed.

Our fair trade products are sourced through Equal Exchange, an organization that supplies fair trade products to many different faith groups. By purchasing through UUCE, you help support the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC), contribute to our Social Justice Fund, and reduce the environmental impact of shipping.

There are more products available through Equal Exchange than what we normally keep in stock. If you’re interested in products we don’t carry, simply send us a request and we’ll work to fulfill it!

Ask About Our Products

While our building is closed, you can still buy Fair Trade products. Just get in touch!