PADS Lunches

UUCE’s Involvement

UUCE volunteers prepare lunch for the Elgin PADS homeless shelter on the first and third Mondays of each month. Each meal has multiple components, and volunteers may sign up to prepare the entire meal or only part. The number of lunches depends on the number of guests at PADS. The sign-up schedule will give details.

The meal components are:

  • A main dish and a starch (incorporated in the main dish or as a side dish)
  • Vegetables or a salad
  • Fruit or a dessert

PADS stands for Public Action to Deliver Shelter and is an organization that provides support for our homeless neighbors and families in crisis. They work to meet an individual’s basic needs first — through a place to sleep, eat, shower, wash clothes, etc. — and then provide case management to help individuals make a plan to exit homelessness.

Their Needs List resides on the PADS of Elgin’s website.

Ask a Question

Need more information? Contact Dotty Carringi, our PADS Coordinator.