Let’s Be Cheerful

It seems to me that there is new cheerfulness abroad in the land, fueled by two developments, namely

  1. the vaccination project, and
  2. the Biden administration’s ‘seizing the time.’

I am willing to give Orange 45’s Administration some credit for its Operation Warp Speed, which contributed to the success of the vaccination rollout, and which exceeded Blue 46’s promise to vaccinate 100 million of our people in his first 100 days. I liked the guy, Monced Slaoui, who was running the rollout prior to the departure of Mr. Trump, and whom the Bidenites asked to stay on and help manage the transition. We are cheered by political cooperation.

The other big cheerfulness engine is the friendly reception given by the American people toward Biden’s big-bucks proposals for providing the United States a social and political makeover. Congress and the Senate GOP members are currently as hardline as ever—with a very few noble exceptions—and won’t vote for any part of Biden’s ‘Marxist, Socialist, Islamic, Radical” proposals. But the people of the U.S.–Left and Right– approve these measures by surprising strong margins.

We hope you all, with a few perfectly appropriate exceptions, will get the full vaccination regimen. Having the full regimen will make you cheerful. And we need to keep pressing the life out of Covid with our distancing and hygienic habits. Funny story: my building has two elevators, and I and another couple were wearing masks, and another couple were not. When the first elevator arrived, the unmasked ones got into the car, and we other three looked and each other, and chose to ride in the other elevator car, which had serendipitously arrived a few seconds later. And we masked ones joked pleasantly about it between ourselves, referring to both the Car for the Masked, and the Car for the Unmasked. One of us said, “COVID ain’t over,’’ just loud enough for the unmasked ones to hear.

  • This newly made grandfather is going to meet his newly-born granddaughter for the first time. I am taking off right after the 16 May Service, flying to S.F. Bay Area, returning Weds 19 May mid-day. I have no scheduled meetings any of those days.
  • And just for fun, this is a video of a rescue housecat that surfs and swims. Watch the video!

Rev. Leland Bond-Upson

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