Let’s Help the Women and Girls of Afghanistan

Let’s Help the Women and Girls of Afghanistan

Let’s try to save the women and girls (and everyone) from Sharia law. And let’s begin with Afghanistan. I think it’s time we in the supposedly non-misogynist countries put pressure on the openly misogynist countries, to reduce the burden of discrimination the women of Afghanistan and of all Islamic countries and communities experience.  Can’t we press those countries and communities more than we do now? It’s so ugly and backward.

This would not be an attack on Islam per se but would bring new laws in the democracies that can overrule religious courts and require closer alignment with western secular values. Like the push for equality for all, instead of millions of women and girls suffering discrimination that seems out of touch with what liberal democracies think is or should be normal. The liberal democracies themselves have a ways to go on that, of course, but there is movement within them.

Israel protects its most conservative sects and their practices, which are not that far removed from the Islamic fundamentalists. Maybe Muslim feminists and Jewish feminists can form an alliance to overthrow their respective patriarchies. That would be fun to see. 

Unfortunately, the anti-Sharia law activists in this country appear to be quite brutal, and do not care at all about respecting these and other non-Christian religions. Liberals probably cannot work with such people. It looks like the liberalization of Islam will have to come from within the faith.

In the meantime, the women and girls and liberals of all stripes are threatened by the recapture of Afghanistan by the Taliban and need our help. I hope everyone who can will contribute something to the relief effort. Agencies that are reportedly doing a good job are UNICEF, IRC (Int’l Rescue Committee), and many women’s advocacy groups around the world, including Vital Voices that includes a lot of powerful American women, and who introduced us to Amanda Gorman, who recited her amazing poem at the Inauguration last January.

Rev. Leland Bond-Upson

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