Let’s Talk About Trash!

Let’s Talk About Trash!

I would love to thank the many people who are already doing such a wonderful job of taking care of our spiritual home without even being asked – it really speaks to the integrity and interconnectedness of the community we’ve fostered here at UUCE!

With that said, I have one minor request during the warmer months (and as needed).
As I’m sure we can all agree, UUCE is a much more welcoming space when the air smells of the wildflowers outside and the wooden beams of the sanctuary…not so much when it smells of last week’s fellowship hour leftovers.
While we do have our wonderful cleaner, Melissa – the busier we are, the more trash/recycling we accumulate in between visits.
So, if you’re throwing something away or you walk past a trash or recycling bin in the common areas and notice it needs emptying, it would be SO appreciated if you have a moment to please tie it up and take it out (or enlist the help of someone who is able to). The bins are located outside of the second doors to the right just behind the bathrooms on the first floor.

This is also a reminder that there is absolutely no food or drink outside of water permitted on the second or third floors.

Thanks for working together to keep our beautiful building looking…and smelling it’s very best!

Sarah Stultz
Church Administrator

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  1. Church Administrator Author

    Huge thank you to everyone! I noticed SO many people taking care of our space this past Sunday!

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