From Religious Education

From Religious Education

Trying RE over Zoom

It’s been a long time since we were together for RE way back in November and we’re really starting to miss the kids of UUCE! Now that the holidays are behind us, we’re starting to offer some time for our kids to see each other on Zoom until we can physically gather again. We know they miss each other and the community they find at church, so we hope to give them some time and some fun together after church services are concluded on Sundays. We won’t really be following any particular curriculum during this time – our goal will just be to build community and have some fun together. 

If the kids in your family are interested in joining us, please contact Marj Askins at – we’d love to have them join us! Our plan is to alternate weeks for our youth group and the kids under twelve, as long as our volunteer teachers are available. 

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