From the Revitalization Team

From the Revitalization Team

In the face of a continuous onslaught of challenges to the UUCE, I’m pleased to report that there are many reasons to remain optimistic about the future of our congregation. As part of the Revitalization Team, I’m fortunate to get to hear the excitement in the voices of our group members who are actively working to bring stability and enthusiasm back to our community.

One of the consistent sources of that excitement is our transition to being lay led. While some may consider this circumstance a setback, there are many reasons to embrace it. Our Sunday Services are now coming from grassroots volunteers who have a natural desire to share their stories, their observations, and their thought-provoking questions with us. There is constant variety in the speakers and the messages they share. In short, we are blessed to have this new vitality. Be sure to tune in for the Service on Sunday, February 6, as our team delves deeper into this topic.

At our virtual meeting on January 12, we began developing a regular social calendar to offer up opportunities for our members and friends to gather responsibly for social activities. Stephen Day is going to be hosting another backyard bonfire at the church on the evening of Friday, February 4, and I will be organizing a winter hike on Saturday, March 5. Details for both events will be shared soon.

Finally, Krista mentioned this in her last column, but it bears repeating. The Revitalization Team is a relatively new entity, and we are actively looking for like-minded individuals to help us navigate these uncharted waters. We are meeting virtually for the time being, once or twice a month. Upcoming projects include the creation of testimonial videos featuring members and friends sharing what UUCE means to them; coordination with the Worship Team and the Stewardship Team to solicit and tie together hopes and dreams for a more vibrant church; and additional engagement with the MidAmerica Region of the UUA to form bonds with other congregations in our area. If you have any interest in joining us, please send us an email at!

In Faith,

Todd Underwood (on behalf of the Revitalization Team)

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