March ET Update

The current members of the Executive Team are: Mike Moutrie, Martha Pignataro, Mary Harlos, Steve Askins, and our minister Rev. Leland Bond-Upson and church administrator Mila Brinker. To learn more about the Executive Team and what we do, visit our Executive Team page.


Building Maintenance

  • The team approved an expense of $1000 for installation of hard-wired electrical outlets to projectors in Fellowship Hall and the sanctuary. This eliminates extension cords and improves safety. This also includes installing a stronger mounting pole for the sanctuary projector.
  • Mila confirmed installation of waterproof flooring in the nursery is complete.
  • The building’s fire alarm system failed inspection due to worn out heat sensors. The Building Team will work with Mila to get quotes for their replacement and retesting to pass inspection.
  • Mike will work with Mila to get quotes from three vendors to add air vent valves to the fire suppression (sprinkler) system. This smooths out pump operation for longer life and prevents pipe corrosion.
  • Mike and Steve agreed to research local security system suppliers to understand the cost of a more comprehensive security approach beyond just adding a few DIY cameras.


  • Rev Leland and Mila will work to establish reporting structure for childcare staff along with refresher training prior to church reopening.
  • ET will restart exploration of RE hiring needs.
  • Rev Leland will work with Mike to draft a “Letter of Employment” for Chelsea.

Other Business

  • Steve Askins completed the search for a new Domain registrar. The team chose NameCheap to address the renewal required on 4/2.
  • Mila cancelled all cellphone lines except for the Church Administrator
  • Mila completed the annual corporate filing required for the church to maintain 501C3 non-profit status.

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