Minister’s Discretionary Fund

Minister’s Discretionary Fund

This month’s Share the Plate Recipient is:

The Minister’s Discretionary Fund

The is a special fund here at UUCE that is used to support our members and friends who are facing emergency financial need. It’s a separate checking account that the minister uses at their discretion to provide confidential assistance. Records are kept of all the money that’s given out, but those records remain anonymous to assure confidentiality.

Contributions to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund are accepted periodically to replenish the funds. During this global pandemic, the MDF can help members and friends facing financial troubles due to job loss, health care costs, unexpected expenditures, and more. Please help support those in our Beloved Community.

If you are facing emergency financial need and would like to ask for assistance, contact our minister, Rev. Leland Bond-Upson.

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