Music for the Soul

The Service for this Sunday, October 24th, will focus on music that is unusual in its emotional power, both for great happiness and for deep sorrow. There will be five pieces of music in the sermon, and chances are, you don’t know them all. One of them, the last one, is a magnificent piece of music, led by one of the greatest, and long enough for meditative contemplation.

This will be my last appearance in the virtual pulpit we have been using for the past year and a half. It looks like we will finally have the In-gathering Water Communion, on one of the first weeks of November. It will be good to see each other again. We had a preview of that at the memorial gathering for Valerie Howells last Sunday. Everybody was masked and pretending to maintain social distancing, but there was a lot of society and catching up going on in that room. Note:  People were not pretending to wear masks, so it took some work to recognized old and new friends. Next time:  nametags in large-size print.

I have some business in Chicago to take care of before I go, including seeing some old friends, and seeing my three east coast children, so maybe we will see each other around town.

– Rev. Leland Bond-Upson

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