New Titles in the Library

New Titles in the Library

Stop by the library to review some of the new books recently added to our library collection:

Good Poems edited by Garrison Keillor

According to Keillor, a good poem “…cuts through the static. It makes its way in the world; it is passed around by email, read at weddings, or used as a friendly benediction…good poems offer a truer account than what we’re used to getting. Selected and arranged with marvelous style, Good Poems includes poems about lovers, work, failure, snow, everyday life, beasts, trips, elders, death and transcendence, and the color yellow. Good Poems is for anybody who loves poetry whether they know it or not.” (from the book jacket)

Becoming Wise—An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living by Krista Tippett

“In a thoughtful chronicle of spiritual discovery, Peabody Award–winning broadcaster Tippett (Einstein’s God: Conversations About Science and the Human Spirit, 2010, etc.), host of NPR’s On Being, draws on conversations with poets, scientists, theologians, and other seekers of truth. The author focuses on five concepts—words, flesh, love, faith, and hope—that she identifies as ‘raw materials’ for the ‘superstar virtues’ of ‘love, compassion [and] forgiveness.’ A hopeful consideration of the human potential for enlightenment.” (–Kirkus Review)

The New Jim Crow—Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander

“Michelle Alexander’s brave and bold new book paints a haunting picture in which dreary felon garb, post-prison joblessness, and loss of voting rights now do the stigmatizing work once done by colored-only water fountains and legally segregated schools. With dazzling candor, Alexander argues that we all pay the cost of the new Jim Crow.” (–Lani Guinier, professor Harvard Law School)

A Liberated Mind—How to Pivot Toward What Matters by Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D.

Dr. Steven Hayes is a widely published clinical psychologist and developer of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a mindfulness-based approach to both the treatment of psychological challenges and the promotion of personal growth. In this very accessible, but rigorous, book Dr. Hayes describes how to develop critical mindfulness skills such as noticing our thoughts and feelings with curiosity and not reactive emotion; attention to the present moment; understanding the skill of perspective-taking; and building habits that promote well-being.

The Wiccan Path—A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Rae Beth

“…is a guide to the ancient path of the village wisewoman. Writing in the form of letters to two apprentices, Rae Beth provides rituals for the key festivals of the wiccan calendar. She also describes the therapeutic powers of trancework and herbalism, and outline the Pagan approach to finding a partner.” (from the book jacket)

As with all of our books, these volumes are available for loan. Please stop by the library to explore and browse among our wonderful collection!

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