October Board Update

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New Business

Statements of Support

We discussed the efforts it would take to have a public statement of support for political things (such as the Fair Tax Act), and it was not something we were able to do for this election.

Political Discussion Group

We discussed creating a separate group (on Facebook or elsewhere) for civil political discussion. If this is done, it will be as a “social” offshoot, and not officially managed by the BOT, Administrator, or other function of the church.

Stewardship Committee

Kevin Sweeney, as a member of the Leadership Development Committee, is working with the Stewardship Committee to develop a charter, so that they can recruit new members.

Endowment Committee

Jamie will work with Mila to get updated signatories for the Endowment Committee.

Ongoing Business

Congregant Calling

We discussed the next steps in interviewing the congregation to get suggestions for Search Committee members.

Trustee of the Day

The Board will be doing a part of the online service on the first Sunday of every month. We signed up through March. We have passed on that list to the Worship Team.

Staff Management

In preparation for staff reviews, we discussed how to get and use feedback from the community.

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