On Parents, and Parenthood

On Parents, and Parenthood

Transhood on HBO

The documentary “Transhood” that debuted last night on HBO was an informative and loving examination of transgender experiences. It focused on the challenges that young trans people and their parents must navigate, including the blowback they endure. I think having the film deal with young, and very young trans people will help humanize a group that most people haven’t thought about very much. How can a 6-year-old know that they are not what the “authorities” say they are? How can someone know that their gender identity is not being seen correctly well before puberty? And yet they do. If those kids are lucky, their parents listen and try to help. We can imagine how many parents are not only unable to listen, unable to help, but make it worse for their child and for all of us.

One statement that stuck with me was one father’s who said, “we lost most of our friends, and some of our family over this.” By “this”, he meant being willing to listen to the child, loving the child unconditionally, and doing their best to help. It’s not easy. The condemning friends and family that the father lost reminded me of that Harper Valley PTA.

A Moving Video

In a related event, Van Jones wept openly on Saturday to the news that the United States would soon no longer have a President who intends ill toward People of Color, the LGBT+ community, and liberals as a whole. The Huffington Post also had a piece today on a father of an openly-emotional boy, a boy who was being shamed and taunted by both classmates and teachers, being told that boys shouldn’t be that way. That boys shouldn’t cry. That dad said to his little boy, “boys do cry, do you see?” and the boy nodded.

This is the video of Van Jones’ breakdown. It’s beautiful.

Adult RE

Finally, please note the announcement of an Adult RE program for everyone that is a somewhat self-directed exploration of racism titled “21-Day Racial Equity Habit-Building Challenge”. A lot of people you know are involved, and I hope you will join us. Mild effort, big payoff!

Rev. Leland Bond-Upson

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