One Step at a Time: A Message from the Reopening Team

One Step at a Time: A Message from the Reopening Team

Many folks have expressed concerns about our reopening process. Some ask why we are not moving more quickly, and some are concerned that we should be more cautiousness. Please know we hear you and care.

Where we are:

  • We are open for in-person services. Hooray for that big step! Again, we say we are delighted to see you and be with you again.
  • We continue to offer virtual services on Zoom and strive to improve through enhanced streaming. We feel this is important for those who may not feel safe or, for any other reason, cannot attend in person. We also hope for this to be a means for outreach to the greater community. Please share the link!
  • Masking is still required. Some have asked why since the mandate is being dropped in most public places? As a relatively small community, this is to protect those who are are either too young to be vaccinated or cannot be vaccinated due to other health concerns.
  • The overwhelming majority of our congregations is fully vaccinated (99%) and boosted (95%) as able. Thanks to you for that!

We continue to monitor the data on Covid trends and will respond as needed for greater caution or openness as appropriate.

Where we Are Going:

  • “Social distancing” is being relaxed a bit as we’ve removed blocking off alternate rows of seats in the sanctuary.
  • We have begun welcoming folks back to the microphone at the chalice table for Joys and Concerns.
  • We hope to be offering the joy of live music in our services soon! Kudos to Chelsea for all of the great recordings and videos, but won’t it be lovely to have her and Caleb performing live in our sanctuary again? We also expect to have the Unichords ring in an upcoming service.
  • Unfortunately, we can’t yet predict when we can have congregational singing or choir performances as group singing is still considered a high risk as a virus spreader.
  • The Revitalization Team is hard at work finding ways to inject new energy into our church life. We’ve had bonfires, a forest preserve walk and are looking forward to an upcoming family movie night. There is even talk of bringing back Circle Suppers. Stay tuned for more good news!

We know that other churches are taking different steps. We have striven to make choices we feel are best for UUCE. The health and safety of our church community have always been our greatest concern. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we progress safely, yet surely, toward normalcy!

The Reopening Team/Executive

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  1. Stephen Day

    Thank you Re-Opening Team. I’ve enjoyed seeing people able to attend online when driving to church on Sunday doesn’t work into weekend plans. The online option is a great way for everyone to remain connected even when busy or traveling (especially over the summer)!

  2. Susan Manago

    I work in the Early Childhood Field, and we are still required to wear masks at our Child Care Center.
    We are periodically asked where are comfort level is regarding masks? I asks that the positivity rate be taken into consideration, when requiring masks, or no masks. I think that if masking and other protocols are relaxed, it should be explained that the protocols may be reinstated as the positivity rates increase in our region.

    • Steve Askins

      Hi Susan,
      Thank you for reading and thanks for the comment. In the article we do say “We continue to monitor the data on Covid trends and will respond as needed for greater caution or openness as appropriate.” I hope that makes clear that protocols may be loosened or tightened as the data indicates. In a message where we had to cover a lot of ground, so it can be tricky to go into much detail. Please rest assured that we will keeps folks informed if and when we change protocols.
      Thanks again!
      Steve Askins, The Executive Team

  3. Sharon Fincher

    Many thanks to the reopening committee! We are living through unprecedented times and I am so appreciative of all the time and effort you’ve put into taking care of our community this way.

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