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Earlier this week I once again had the opportunity to attend the Association of UU Administrators (AUUA) Professional Days, this year it was held online. 120 Administrator joined in from Canada, the US and Mexico. It was a wonderful experience. Pro Days always reminds me how important it is for both staff and volunteers to keep in mind our Covenant when doing our important work. Here it is:

At UUCE we covenant to:

  • Nurture the spirit
  • Grow in relationship
  • Serve with love and compassion

To nurture the spirit, the people of UUCE across the lifespan:

  • Find inspiration and challenge for lives of connection, integrity, and transcendence.
  • Articulate and live our Unitarian Universalist values and beliefs.

To grow in relationship, the people of UUCE across the lifespan:

  • Develop deep, broad, healthy relationships
  • Connect across difference with authenticity and integrity.
  • Partner with Unitarian Universalist congregations and institutions to grow in covenant.
  • Build and steward the resources of UUCE together to advance our mission and Unitarian Universalism.

To serve with love and compassion, the people of UUCE across the lifespan:

  • Actively practice giving and receiving compassionate care.
  • Create a space of trust and safety to engage with issues that may divide us.
  • Work in authentic partnership with interfaith and community groups to create a more just and compassionate world.

On another note, next week’s Unichord Update newsletter deadline is Tuesday June 29th. I will be out of the office on Friday July 2nd.

In peace,

Mila Brinker, UUCE Interim Administrator

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