We’re all Booked for October. Yay!

We’re all Booked for October. Yay!

Dear Friends,

Although we are all booked up for October, will you consider supplying one of the three courses, either main dish, vegetable or fruit/dessert for November?

Here’s a testimonial from a monthly contributor: 
“Helping PADS is an easy way to give back to the community, since UUCE and our volunteers have already established a relationship. Even when we’re not able to serve the meals because of COVID, the staff is very grateful for our home-cooked dishes. I make the same meal each month, making the process turnkey (no decisions)!  I’m happy for this opportunity to serve.” — Mike Moutrie

Feel free to contact me with questions.

Thank you for considering this important social justice activity.

Dotty Carringi
UUCE PADS Coordinator

“Homeless Doesn’t Have To Mean Hopeless” — Elgin PADS

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