PADS Thank You Letter and January Link

PADS Thank You Letter and January Link

This past year has brought many challenges to the Elgin PADS shelter’s staff and guests, and I’d like to thank our UUCE volunteers for stepping up. The following friends and members have prepared and delivered (and sometimes served) lunch on one or more Mondays throughout the year:

Mike Moutrie
Kathy & Dan Hislip
Tom & Ruth Durkin
Diana Heizer
Heike Spayne
Carol Nelson
Krista Wagner
Susan Goldberg
Gladys Machlet
Susan Swing
Michele Ramsey
Kathie Wachholder
Doug Elwell

Thank you also to the unnamed donors who have furnished paper supplies and other items from the PADS Needs list. It’s much appreciated. I also acknowledge those
who work on Mondays and asked how they can help in other ways. With the reduced risk of COVID transmission, some of us have begun serving meals, while masked. This is a way to see who you’re helping, while bonding with fellow volunteers. You may consider furnishing part of a meal. And don’t forget — UUCE will reimburse you, if you desire, for your food supplies.

Here is the link to Signup Genius for January

THANK YOU, and Happy New Year!

Dotty Carringi
UUCE PADS Coordinator
“Homeless Doesn’t Have To Mean Hopeless” — Elgin PADS

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