PADS UUCE August Signup Schedule

PADS UUCE August Signup Schedule

A big THANK YOU to all who signed up in July. The PADS staff and guests are very grateful for your support of meal donations.

Following is the link to the UUCE August signup schedule for Elgin PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter) Monday lunches. Note, there are five Mondays in August.

Contact Dotty Carringi for meal ideas or other questions, and thank you for considering helping with our PADS effort.

PADS Lunch Signup for August
Hello! Welcome to the UUCE PADS Lunch Group signup! During August, PADS guests will be at the shelter at 1730 Berkley St., Elgin. The most important thing is the preparation and delivery of meals, which must be ready to eat when delivered to the shelter. Please sign up for the meal components you will be providing, and note that there are 5 Mondays in August. If you are not interested in preparing food, you may sign up instead as a server. (Volunteer servers must be fully vaccinated, wear a mask and show proof of vaccination.) If you are uncomfortable doing so, the PADS staff can always handle serving. Following are the components of each meal (to serve 20), which may be reimbursed by UUCE:  Main dish (they have asked for donations having more protein, when possible) plus Starch (can be a side dish or may be included in the main dish) Salad or vegetable Fruit, (like bananas–they have a good supply of apples on hand) or Dessert Contact me (Dotty Carringi, 847-502-4835 or for meal ideas.

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