Adult Religious Ed

At UUCE, the Adult Religious Education is a self-directed group of congregants engaging in their spiritual exploration together. Each week brings a new discussion topic, where attendees can express their opinions and learn from others.

The weekly meeting is open to all, whether you’re able to attend regularly or only once in a while. While we’re virtual, the meetings are held based on the convenience of the attending members.

21-Day Racial Equality Challenge

The current program is the 21-Day Racial Equality Habit Building Challenge, facilitated by the Social Justice Team. For 21 days, each participant will do one action per day to further understand power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity. We’ll be meeting four times to discuss our changing perspectives as our journey unfolds. The first meeting will be held the first week of December.

Rev. Leland reached out several weeks ago to suggest that UUCE could provide a workshop designed for White people seeking to change their understanding of racism in America. We all know something of our long history of oppression, violence, disadvantage and discrimination against people of color, yet we continue to feel helpless to influence real change. Using media, observation, journaling, conversation, action, and practice we will try to understand racism’s impact on all of us. Together we will develop a path forward based on new habits to reduce harm and heal old wounds using Dr. Eddie Moore’s highly acclaimed 21-Day Challenge.


If you want to learn more, or ask to join in, let us know!