Adult Religious Ed

At UUCE, the Adult Religious Education is a self-directed group of congregants engaging in their spiritual exploration together. Each week brings a new discussion topic, where attendees can express their opinions and learn from others.

Current Topic

This Spring’s curriculum is Building Your Own Theology, a version of the popular class many at UUCE and other UU churches have enjoyed. The class provides the opportunity to explore meanings, values, and convictions that can make up a personal theology in fellowship with others in an open and welcoming environment.

What better way to conduct a free and responsible search for truth and meaning than by Building Your Own Theology? And, as Lucy in Peanuts once said about studying theology, there is nothing better than being in a class where no one knows the answer!

The class is open to all, and we will be providing both online and on-site options to attend. There will be six classes at 9am on Sunday mornings. beginning May 1st, and we’ll be exploring such topics as:

  • Spiritual autobiographies
  • Personal beliefs and attitudes
  • The Purpose of life
  • The Importance of being good

Contact Us

Whether you’re interested in joining, or have a few more questions, feel free to get in contact!