Reopening Postponed

We’re committed to a reopening that honors our UU Principles and is safe for all: young, old, healthy, immunocompromised, vaccinated, and those who cannot get vaccinated yet or at all. Because of this, we are postponing our reopening until the cases for school-aged children meet our metric goals again.

School-Age COVID Cases

UUCE has three metrics for determining reopening. Two of our metric goals are being met, but in order to reopen, school-age cases need to have a two-week downward trend, not flat or rising. School-age cases are no longer declining, so we’re postponing our intended October 17th opening.

Read more about our metric goals in our News.

What Next?

We’re all hoping to gather again in the Sanctuary for our services soon. We will continue sending out weekly updates about the metrics and the state of our reopening via the Unichord Update so everyone stays informed about the decisions being made. If we’re able to offer more outdoor gatherings, they will be announced on the Bulletin Board email list and Facebook group, as well as the Unichord Update.

As our community grapples with disappointment and frustration about the uncertainty around reopening, we appreciate the patience and understanding everyone continues to show.

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