Reopening Update

The Executive Team (ET) continues to plan for reopening our church and is pleased to share this update. We met with the Board of Trustees (BoT) on July 18 and reviewed our reopening checklist. The checklist details policy decisions that need to be made as well as tasks that should be completed prior to reopening.  Several key decisions were made, and the BoT is working on a policy statement specifying at a high level how we will move forward regarding masking, distancing, and other safety issues.  We expect to have a follow up meeting soon with the BoT to review.  

 We continue to aim for September 12 as the date for our first in-person service, but sadly we’ve seen that the Delta variant has caused conditions in our area to deteriorate. We are watching these developments closely. We encourage everyone to consider vaccination to help our community move forward safely! In alignment with our UU values of inclusion and Beloved Community, the ET is recommending that our Sunday services be fully accessible for everyone, from our families with young children, to visitors, elders, and the immunocompromised. This means we’ll want to structure our Sunday gatherings to be as safe as possible for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people of all ages, at least until all who can be vaccinated have been vaccinated, or until the risk level is very low for all.  

We know it’s been a long, long road and we’re all anxious to resume our former activities.  Thank you for your patience!  In the meantime, remember that we have taken some steps forward – the church building is open to small groups and the library is open for in-person visits.  For details on the current building use policy, please see the banner on the home page of our website. Feel free to contact the ET with any questions.

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