Reopening March 20th

COVID metrics for Kane County have continued their downward trend and are now well below the levels the Reopening Team set for safe in-person Sunday Services. Given this sustained improvement, March 20 will be the date we return to in-person Sunday services! 

We’re committed to a reopening that honors our UU Principles and is safe for all: young, old, healthy, immunocompromised, vaccinated, and those who cannot get vaccinated yet or at all. In that light, an important aspect of our reopening plans involves simultaneously streaming the live service via Zoom. Our video and computer equipment has been upgraded thanks to several generous donors, and we are now able to provide a much more reliable and higher quality Zoom experience! And the Worship Team will continue their excellent work to make sure our online services are professional and engaging. Thank you, Worship Team. And thank you Mike Moutrie and Steve Askins for the research and installation of the new equipment.  

Reopening Details 

  • Masking will continue to be required for services and within the building for the time being, despite the State of Illinois dropping its mask mandate. The Reopening Team encourages the use of multi-layer surgical masks (like the light blue masks) or better rather than simple cloth ones. These will be available at the church if you do not have one or forget to bring one. 
  • We will be providing an update on congregation vaccination status shortly for those who will find it helpful in planning how they will participate. The Reopening Team strongly encourages everyone to get fully vaccinated and boosted if their age and medical condition allows. 
  • There will be no childcare at this time. 
  • Fellowship hour will resume with masks and social distancing. No coffee or food will be served. 
  • More information on RE will be forthcoming soon. Please don’t hesitate to contact RE Coordinator Marjorie Askins, if you have questions or want to volunteer to be a part of faith development in UU kids and youth. 

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during these challenging times. We hope to see you the next few Sundays on Zoom and March 20 in person and on Zoom! 

The Reopening Team/Executive Team 

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