Revitalization, Evolution, and Moving Forward …Oh My!

Revitalization, Evolution, and Moving Forward …Oh My!

Revitalization, Evolution, and Moving Forward …Oh My!

Earlier this year, when it became clear that UUCE could not support a full-time minister, many on the then-appointed Minister Search Committee still wanted to provide a service that would help our church community for years to come. After conversations between ourselves and some members of the Board of Trustees, it became obvious to us that what UUCE needs is not just better care for our members and friends, not just greater financial stability, not just growth, and not just a bigger name in Elgin and the surrounding communities. We realized we need it all! We need to be revitalized! (And when do we want it? Now!)

We recognize that a key part of revitalization is inclusivity. The currently-named Revitalization Committee is not a final committee – our roster is not set in stone. We are working with some of the key UUCE committees and the BOT to define goals and expectations so that we can better explain what we will focus on before recruiting more members. So if the thought of revitalizing UUCE gets your energy pumped, stay tuned! We will need you!

As a starting point, we would like to request that you listen to and reflect on Stephen Day’s recent sermon entitled “Moving Forward.” ( Why do you continue to show up for UUCE? What would you miss if UUCE were gone? What part do you want to play in our next evolution? Please ponder, meditate, reflect, pray, or journal on your answers to these questions. When the time comes, and it will soon, we’d love to have you on the next journey with us.

Here’s to our next chapter!

In faith,

Krista Wagner

On behalf of the Currently-Named Revitalization Committee

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  1. Bob Jackson

    I am interested and available to do phone calls for the “revitalization” efforts.

    Bob Jackson

    • Church Administrator

      Thank you Bob, I will forward your comment on to the Revitalization Team.


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