Revitalization Team

Revitalization Team

The origins of the Revitalization Team stem from the Minister Search Committee that was formed in 2021. Many of us were chosen to serve on that committee, but when it was decided that UUCE would be lay led, there was no need for a Ministerial Search Committee. A few of us that had committed to leading the search for a minster felt that our services and gifts could be combined for a different purpose – one that would help sustain the church as we navigate through our next transition. And we picked up a few new members along the way.

Our current member roster is:

Mila Brinker

Stephen Day

Sharon Fincher

Mary Harlos

Erica Lavine

Todd Underwood

Kathie Wachholder

Krista Wagner

The functions of the Revitalization Team will evolve as needed as UUCE evolves. Right now, we are a group centered on the following:

  • We value the relationships we have built here at UUCE and how those relationships feed us all in vital and impactful ways.
  • We don’t ever want people to forget the pride and hope that is a part of UUCE.
  • We desire to engage and reengage members and friends of UUCE, making sure UUCE stays the spiritual home for everyone who needs it.
  • We strive to create, maintain, and always improve being a safe and welcoming community.

To bring these beliefs to life, we are hosting church events like bonfires, hikes, movie nights, and more. We are reaching out to members and friends we haven’t seen in a while, and we’re working on some other methods to help UUCE members and friends connect in new ways.

If what we stand for excites you, and you think you’d like to join the Revitalization Team, please reach out to one of us or email us at We’re happily accepting new members who are passionate about UUCE and care about our future enough to help ensure we stay a strong spiritual community for years to come.