RT is making progress.

Hello friends!

The smell of fresh tacos is still lingering after Sunday’s celebratory Homecoming Luncheon and I’m once again grateful for the incredible community we’ve got here. That had to be the largest attendance we’ve had since March 2020. I’m also grateful for my fellow Revitalization Teammates who dug deep to pull that event off… in spite of the weather and pandemic hurdles thrown at us.

We welcomed Sarah Stultz to the RT and have been meeting twice a month throughout the summer to strategize and plan for creating the most welcoming environment we can at UUCE. We feel like we’re gaining traction. Since our last report, we’ve held a community farm open house; a neighborly cemetery tour; a downtown Elgin river walk; a bonfire and campout on the grounds; attended a UUA small congregations online session; created a new page on our website https://uuce.org/activity-highlights and pulled off the aforementioned Homecoming celebration.

Not one RT meeting goes by without one of us pausing and exclaiming how refreshing it is to be on a team where a task gets identified and a volunteer agrees to take it on within seconds. What a breath of fresh air! Of course the reason we all feel so passionately about the work we’re doing is the prospect of keeping our congregation thriving. We are working on ways to reconnect with members who’ve been gone for a while, ways to incentivize those who do stay involved, and ways to make UUCE’s presence known to the surrounding areas via digital advertising.

Keep an eye out for our October social activity (a working session at the Elgin Food Pantry), and as always, if you have an interest in joining our group please send us an email at RT@uuce.org!

In Faith, Todd Underwood (on behalf of the Revitalization Team)

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