Scrip for the Holidays Deadline Monday Dec 14, 10am

Scrip for the Holidays Deadline Monday Dec 14, 10am


The Holiday Season is upon us. Due to social distancing, many of us are choosing gift cards over gifts because we are not gathering with our family and friends.

Let’s save some money, save some time, and help the church all at the same time!

If you are planning to purchase gift cards, please check for the computer or the RaiseRight app for your smart device first.  Why use Scrip instead? I’m glad you asked!

-You don’t have to go to different places looking for all your gift cards

-There are NO SERVICE OR ACTIVATION FEES on universal gift cards!!! If you buy a $25 universal gift card (like the Visa Gift cards), it only costs $25.

-Many cards are reloadable, meaning you can just add extra money to it whenever you want (your Starbucks account).

-Cards can come in physical cards or digital so they can’t be lost.

-Annnnnd…UUCE gets a portion of the proceeds donated back!!!

Yes, you read that correctly. UUCE gets between 1.25% and 17% from ANY CARD you buy. If you go to your local store and get a Universal gift card off the giant rack of cards, a $25 gift card can cost you $25 PLUS anywhere between $5 and $7 dollars in service fees. If you buy through Scrip you save the service fee.

Orders need to be placed Monday, Dec. 14th no later than 10 a.m. to make sure they arrive before Christmas. Orders placed after that time may arrive after Christmas if that is ok with you. Don’t shy away from card options that say they will ship to the “coordinator”. That just means it will ship to me and I will gladly deliver them to you on or before Xmas Eve!

Our enrollment code is EE713A5124732.

Gift cards can be ordered through for the computer or the RaiseRight app for your smart device.

Keep in mind, Scrip is not just for gift giving. You can get gift cards for grocery stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and many more places. Much of our day to day purchases can raise donations for UUCE with absolutely no extra cost to us! You do not have to be a member of UUCE, our friends and family can use this too if they would like to use Scrip even if the only reason is to save the service fees on universal gift cards.

Here is a fun statistic for you. UUCE has 7 active Scrip users. In just 5 months they have raised $411.93 for UUCE. Remember, they don’t pay anything extra for getting Scrip cards. If all 75 pledging units used Scrip the same way the existing 7 members do, UUCE would see nearly $10,600 annually in donations by the stores we all shop at! If we all used Scrip for as much as possible this amount would grow even further.


Jamie Yucuis,


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