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We upload our weekly services to this archive so you can experience them even if you weren’t at the service. You can explore the archive chronologically, by topic, series, or speaker. If you’d like to see what topics we’ll be discussing next, visit our Upcoming Services page.

The Evolution of Hope Through Difficult Times

This week we’ll talk about how our collective idea of “hope” has changed over generations, as we deal with stressors both old and new – and how we can remain hopeful and feel our sense of purpose even within an era that seems to feel over-saturated with challenges.

To Be In the Moment

What is life but a collection of moments? Sometimes while we’re so busy living, we forget to be fully present in the moments as they happen. Let’s take a pause and explore being fully present, exploring what that means for different ages, neurotypes, and abilities.


With only a few weeks of summer vacation remaining, this week we’ll explore our human need for Play – what is it, why is it so important, and how can we find it in our daily lives? If you’re interested in learning more about “Play”, including the eight Play Personalities, check out the National Institute for Play’s website! (Click Save to download a .pdf of the sermon)

Nourish the Spirit

Guest Speaker: Anne Clough Retreat, Connect, Repeat: How do we balance our responsibility to society with our need to nourish ourselves?

Care of the Soul

The soul is a messy thing for Unitarian Universalists. Join us this week as we share Rev. Wayne B. Arnason’s sermon on the idea of and care of the soul. (Click Save to download a .pdf of the sermon)

Flower Communion Ceremony

The first Flower Ceremony was held in Prague one hundred years ago, in June 1923, led by Rev. Norbert Capek. For decades, this beloved tradition and its powerful history have provided meaning to UU congregations around the world. Join us as we celebrate and honor the spirit of Flower Communion at UUCE. (Click Save to download a .pdf of the sermon)

A.I. and the Human Spirit

This sermon explores the complex relationship between AI and humanity, contemplating the ethical, creative, and consciousness aspects of AI through the lens of Unitarian Universalism’s seven principles.