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We upload our weekly services to this archive so you can experience them even if you weren’t at the service. You can explore the archive chronologically, by topic, series, or speaker. If you’d like to see what topics we’ll be discussing next, visit our Upcoming Services page.

A Crisis of Intimacy

“It’s painful to watch just how disconnected people are,” says a therapist with 20 years experience. “Clients…want to pursue deep social connections, but there’s a lot of confusion and fear in terms of how to get there.” I believe our church community can offer a path forward.

Wandering Pilgrimage

Sermon by Rev. Susan Maginn / Led by Diana Heizer A vacation helps us to let go of our familiar lives, giving us a sense of perspective, novelty, respite and renewal. While a pilgrimage is really a spiritual practice, yes stepping away from our present but with the intention of touching the truth of the past while re-dedicating our future toward a holy purpose. But what does a pilgrimage really mean for Unitarian Universalists?

Calling it Quits

Sometimes life throws us challenges that we can learn and grow from – but other times, those curveballs might be not-so-subtle hints that the direction we’re heading isn’t where we’re meant to be. How can we know the difference and be comfortable (and confident) with a decision to call it quits?

An Exploration of Grief

When we talk about grief, it’s usually in the context of losing a loved one, but there are other times when we experience the pain of grief. Today we’ll explore the many ways grief can impact us in very human ways.

Receiving Generously

by Rev. Erica Baron We usually think about giving generously, but we think less often about what it means to receive generously. Since we crave having our gifts seen, acknowledged, confirmed, it is an act of generosity to each other to receive each other’s gifts. Together, we can create communities that notice gifts and celebrate them and give them ways to be expressed.

Spring Awakening: A Celebration of Ostara and the Equinox

Join us as we welcome the return of spring and the promise of new possibilities. Ostara is a time of balance and renewal when Earth awakens from its winter slumber and new life begins to emerge. Celebrate with us as we honor the Goddess Ostara, and celebrate spring and the Vernal (Spring) Equinox!

News of the World: The Article II Study Report

“Article II” is one of the most important sections of our UUA’s by-laws – the section that defines what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist through our seven principles. In the last few years, you may have heard whisperings of an “eighth principle” or other potential updates to our principles and religious sources. This Sunday we’ll learn what’s been going on with Article II, what it means for us, and how we can get involved.

We’ve Found Our Village – Now We’ve Got to Fund It!

This Sunday we’ll kick off everyone’s favorite season – Stewardship! Join us as we take a look at why this uncomfortable process is one of the most important ways we can strengthen our community. As someone who’s been long-opposed to all-things Stewardship, I promise to keep it as painless as possible!

Celebrating Ourselves

While originally published as a children’s story, the inhabitants of A.A. Milne’s 100-acre wood can show us something about ourselves and how we are in relationship with the world and those that inhabit it.

Like Tiny Seeds

Like tiny seeds with potent power to push through tough ground and become mighty trees, we hold innate reserves of unimaginable strength. We are resilient.

Imbolc Service

As we celebrate Imbolc and mark the coming of spring, we are reminded of the power of renewal and the cycle of growth.