Sermons by Rev. Julia Jones

Our Bootstraps Will Not Save Us

We are facing a national crisis and our cultural tradition that demands self-reliance and independence in all things is not up to the task. System reform is long and slow. Perhaps the solution to our most recent epidemic lies in The Hundred Acre Wood. Join Rev. Julia Jones for an exploration of the shifts that just might save us from an epidemic of loneliness.

Winter Work: Weaving the Web

Even in a mild winter like this one, we are inclined to turn inward. The dark beckons us into cocoons of all sorts. But nature tells us and the agricultural calendar affirms that even winter has its work. Winter after the last few years we have had calls for delicate work on our most beloved handiwork – our web of mutuality. In this week’s sermon, we’ll identify a few small steps that can yield bountiful results.

What Wonderous Bodies We Are

Have you ever considered how incredible the human body is and all the work our bodies have done carrying us through this tremendously difficult time? Even with all the wonders built into them, it is important to take good care of them and recognize them as the miraculous things they are.