Sermons on Community

Our Bootstraps Will Not Save Us

We are facing a national crisis and our cultural tradition that demands self-reliance and independence in all things is not up to the task. System reform is long and slow. Perhaps the solution to our most recent epidemic lies in The Hundred Acre Wood. Join Rev. Julia Jones for an exploration of the shifts that just might save us from an epidemic of loneliness.

Water and Stone Communion

by Chelsea Musson It’s our unofficial start of the church year – the first Sunday after Labor Day when summer is over and everyone has returned from their travels. In this service, we’ll enjoy the homecoming of everyone being together once again and share the spirituality and interconnectedness of water in our Water Communion. 

We’ve Found Our Village – Now We’ve Got to Fund It!

This Sunday we’ll kick off everyone’s favorite season – Stewardship! Join us as we take a look at why this uncomfortable process is one of the most important ways we can strengthen our community. As someone who’s been long-opposed to all-things Stewardship, I promise to keep it as painless as possible!

Winter Work: Weaving the Web

Even in a mild winter like this one, we are inclined to turn inward. The dark beckons us into cocoons of all sorts. But nature tells us and the agricultural calendar affirms that even winter has its work. Winter after the last few years we have had calls for delicate work on our most beloved handiwork – our web of mutuality. In this week’s sermon, we’ll identify a few small steps that can yield bountiful results.

This Time When We Might Be Flying

Our community is starting to come back together after so much time apart. So what’s next for us and for Unitarian Universalism in the world around us? Join us this morning for a sermon by the UUA’s Central East Region’s Rev. Dr. Megan Foley. We’ll follow the sermon with some individual and small-group reflection exploring the opportunities this new era can present to UUCE. (The Sunday service included time for personal and group reflection on a series of three questions.…

Bread Communion

Like our Flower and Water Communions, Bread Communion is an important celebration in our church that centers around our community. As members and friends share in freshly-baked bread, they are asked to consider what it means to be a part of a community – both the support and experiences they contribute and the help and care they receive in return.

An Inescapable Network of Mutuality

Like family, we may not have chosen to join the network of all life on earth, but we are inextricably bound to it. Whoever believes they will win any one of the many battles being fought with perceived enemies is misguided. Protecting the welfare of all life on earth by living our values and making consequent choices is our chosen path.

Affirm the Right of Conscience

Local, communal decision-making and conventional agreements developed side-by-side in our tradition. What does it mean to be democratic and covenantal. How do we make choices together and care for each other and our community?

Where is Our Village?

The saying “It Takes a Village” has always been a pillar of our spiritual community and a popular sentiment in American culture but lately it’s been difficult to feel the presence of a thriving interdependent village. This week, we’ll talk about what the idea of a village means to us, and how we can work to strengthen our chosen village moving forward.
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