Sermons on Spiritual Growth

Words Matter – Part 2

Back in August, we considered all the various ways that our words matter: talking to and about currently marginalized persons; speaking on social media in tiny bites with the goal of stirring the pot instead of finding ground to share. Now let’s look at who we are and who we are called to be. How can the language we use on Sunday mornings and as we represent who we are to others who do not know us yet really describe…

Soul Food

How do you view the food you eat? What thought do you place on the miraculous process that turns pure elements into the plants, fungi, and animals that we depend on for survival? Is food simply dead matter that we assimilate from the bodies of these beings? Or can food itself literally have a spiritual element, a soul even? Join us as we share the thoughts of UU minister Marc Petrequin of the UU Fellowship of Hartford County, along with…

Change is in the Air

The weather has cooled, the days are getting shorter, and the leaves are beginning to fall – all signs that the season of Fall is upon us. This morning we’ll explore and celebrate this transitional time and how we can accept, and even welcome, change into our lives – even when we feel satisfied with the status-quo.

The Worm at the Core

by Stephen Day The American philosopher, William James, dubbed the knowledge that we must die “the worm at the core” of the human condition. While we may not realize it, our subconscious grappling with that reality may shape our daily actions and our relationships with people and the world around us. What can we learn about how to live by facing our fear of death?

Descent to the Dark and the Rising, Defiant Spark

Guest Speaker: Rev. Linda Slabon Renewal often requires a descent into dark places. Just as a seed pushes up from the deep dank soil, we may re-discover ourselves as we emerge from the places where we have been “dissolved and shaken”, as May Sarton observes. Through the words of William Ellery Channing and May Sarton, let us reaffirm the rising, defiant spark that is ours to claim.


by Diana Heizer We empower ourselves to uphold our principles. This week, we’ll take a look at power and the ways it influences us and our actions in the world around us.

The Wisdom of Trees

by guest speaker, Rev. Pam Rumancik While all around us, trees live vibrant lives hidden from the perceptions of most people. They breathe, communicate and share with each other and the wider world offering a glimpse of what sustaining interconnection looks like. There is a magical world in the forest – and we might learn quite a lot about how to live sustainably in this world if we simply paid attention to the wisdom they provide. 

The Evolution of Hope Through Difficult Times

This week we’ll talk about how our collective idea of “hope” has changed over generations, as we deal with stressors both old and new – and how we can remain hopeful and feel our sense of purpose even within an era that seems to feel over-saturated with challenges.


With only a few weeks of summer vacation remaining, this week we’ll explore our human need for Play – what is it, why is it so important, and how can we find it in our daily lives? If you’re interested in learning more about “Play”, including the eight Play Personalities, check out the National Institute for Play’s website! (Click Save to download a .pdf of the sermon)

Care of the Soul

The soul is a messy thing for Unitarian Universalists. Join us this week as we share Rev. Wayne B. Arnason’s sermon on the idea of and care of the soul. (Click Save to download a .pdf of the sermon)

A Crisis of Intimacy

“It’s painful to watch just how disconnected people are,” says a therapist with 20 years experience. “Clients…want to pursue deep social connections, but there’s a lot of confusion and fear in terms of how to get there.” I believe our church community can offer a path forward.