Sermons on Spiritual Growth

The Melt and the Rain

The melt and rain are arriving, warmer breezes blow, birdsong returns. Spring is, as they say, blossoming. During dark times, winter’s retreat helps ground us in what is around us in our physical spaces. Grounding in the now can help ease the fear and anxiety that surrounds us. Come, breathe, and join us at our Spring Equinox service, followed by a reflective walk through our beloved labyrinth.

The Importance of Perspective

It can be easy to reinforce our limited individual understanding of the world when we stay comfortable in our currently existing bubbles – but what happens when we challenge our perspectives to see through the lenses of others?

Growing a Soul

Our principles offer us the encouragement and challenge to spend a lifetime searching for truth and meaning. This is a personal process, but it is also deeply relational.

The Unraveling

Living a life driven by obligation often means the individual gets lost in priority. How does a life of “shoulds” become a life of intention?


The hustle and bustle of the holidays are nearly behind us. How can the Danish concept of hygge help center us during this season?