Where is Our Village?


The saying “It Takes a Village” has always been a pillar of our spiritual community and a popular sentiment in American culture but lately it’s been difficult to feel the presence of a thriving interdependent village. This week, we’ll talk about what the idea of a village means to us, and how we can work to strengthen our chosen village moving forward.


  1. Doug Elwell

    Sarah, I enjoyed your sermon of last Sunday: Where is our village? It took me back to my tiny downstate village, population about 1000. I wrote a memoir a few years ago that includes the days of my childhood and youth. Your comments hit the mark. It was almost as if you and I grew up in the same town. It truly does take a village to grow a child. If you’re a reader and interested let me know. I can forward some slices of my village life to you that you might enjoy.

    • Sarah Stultz

      Hi Doug!

      Thank you so much for sharing such kind words. I’m so glad that my sermon resonated with you. I would absolutely LOVE to read your memoir! Let’s connect at next weeks service (:

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