Servetus: The Radical Reformed Musical

Servetus: The Radical Reformed Musical

Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist

Presents Servetus: The Radical Reformed Musical

Servetus: The Radical Reformed Musical will be presented at Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist, 1025 N. Smith Road, Palatine, Illinois on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2023 at 7pm.

Donations of $10-$20 will be greatly appreciated. If you are 22 years old or younger, please know your attendance is your donation. There is plenty of free parking.

Servetus: The Radical Reformed Musical is the creation of Rev. Dennis McCarty a talented novelist, playwright and song writer and musician. Rev. McCarty’s one-person musical concerns Unitarian Universalist icon and martyr Michael Servetus and sheds light on how Servetus shaped Unitarian Universalism.  Servetus was a Spanish theologian and physician from the 1500s whose radical beliefs bothered John Calvin, his contemporary and the founder of Christian theology known as Calvinism. Servetus (1511-1553) wrote the brilliant treatise “On the Errors of the Trinity” at the age of 21.  He worshipped a loving God, believed in human beings’ inherent worth and dignity and followed Jesus.  But his writings were offensive to church fathers of the time.  McCarty’s play highlights some of the few pieces of history about Servetus that survive. Servetus was ultimately burned at the sake for heresy.

The 90-minute performance includes 12 original songs ranging from blues to jazz to rock ‘n’ roll—even some unplugged heavy metal.  McCarty draws inspiration from sources such as Judas Priest, B.B. King, and KPop or walking the ancient streets of Hill St. Genevieve near the University of Paris. McCarty is Minister Emeritus of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbus, Indiana.

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