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Foundation for International Community Assistance

FINCA is a trusted partner in catalyzing economic growth and alleviating poverty.

UUCE has been a steadfast supporter of FINCA since 2007, supporting six Village Banks on three continents. By enabling access to microloans, UUCE has empowered thousands of low-income clients to build more resilient lives. Poverty’s many challenges are interconnected, and so are the solutions. FINCA International, a Washington, DC-based not-for-profit organization, is working to advance market-based solutions to poverty.

“At FINCA, we recognize the importance of women empowerment in our mission to alleviate poverty.   We understand that when women have access to financial services and life-enhancing goods, the benefits not only flow to the women who receive them but also to their families and communities. When women are empowered to fully participate in society, to work and to create their own businesses—through access to finance, education and jobs—families improve their quality of life.”

“Microfinance” refers to the financial services provided to low-income individuals or groups who are typically excluded from traditional banking. Most microfinance institutions focus on offering credit in the form of small working capital loans, sometimes called “microloans” or “microcredit.” However, many also provide insurance and money transfers, and regulated microfinance banks provide savings accounts.  Microfinance aims to improve financial services access for marginalized groups, especially women and the rural poor, to promote self-sufficiency.

“We believe we can break down the vicious cycle of intergenerational poverty by creating economic justice and financial inclusion for all. We believe that we can, together, create transformational social impact that will help our fellow humanity to achieve a better standard of living.”

By focusing on all three of these aspects used to define a “social enterprise:” 1) meeting a basic unmet need 2) focusing on an environmental or socially-conscious issue 3) helping people to help themselves…FINCA and its partners are able to have a greater impact in a more lasting and sustainable way.

Learn more on FINCA’s website.

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