Summer Admin Office Hours

Summer Admin Office Hours

For the remainder of the summer the Administration Office’s email, phone and in person office hours will be as follows:

Wednesday-Friday 10:30am-3pm
Sunday 10am-1pm

On Sundays my door is always open if you’d like to stop by and chat in person!
Wednesday-Friday I ask that if you’d like to connect in person to send me a quick heads up via email: or call the church at 847-888-0668 so that I can ensure I am available and prepared for your visit.
I also ask that if you have a key and will be entering the building during weekday office hours that you please ring the doorbell prior to entering to avoid any unnecessary heart attacks – the new church admin startles easily!

Please note that unless it is an emergency all emails and messages will be responded to during office hours only.

I look forward to connecting with everyone!

Sarah Stultz
Church Administrator

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