The Tide Has Turned

I said something like what follows at the close of last night’s Board meeting, and people seemed to like it, so I will share it with you.

If we are feeling tired and worn out and a bit discouraged, this is understandable, this is normal, and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up for feeling a bit down. Even though most of us are feeling somewhat relieved by the recent elections, I and many people I know are still kinda glum. Having our Capitol Building stormed by insurrectionists has made a deep impression on us, and we will never forget it. At the same time, we note the grim one-year anniversary of the first COVID deaths this month. We have COVID fatigue, and we have politics fatigue, and there’s no reason to blame ourselves for still being in a funk. We people, we do get weary.  

Let’s find ways to get some pep back in our lives. Kathie Wachholder’s bi-weekly Friday night Happy Hour, and the 21-day racial awareness challenge are successes that model what we might do more of. Personally, I have felt happy when at Kathie’s Happy Hour. And I felt very good about the Challenge, as I and, it seemed, everyone was learning important things, and sharing with each other, and nobody dropped out.

Maybe the example of 78-year-old Joe Biden’s energy and focus, and the sight and sound of his capable and non-scary people leaping into action to intervene and stop the slide into misery, and revive us, and restore our mojo. (‘Mojo’ is good old African-Caribbean word, only relatively recently associated with sex. You can look it up.)

So, dear friends, let’s shake off the ennui that has rightfully descended on many of us, and instead take heart in the knowledge that the tide has turned politically, and in any event, we are not alone, but surrounded by good and affectionate friends. Let’s continue to do the best we can with what we’ve got. We will get through this.

Rev. Leland Bond-Upson

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