The UUCE Book Group Marks 30 Years!

The UUCE Book Group Marks 30 Years!

In 2002 Alice Macy, the founder of the group, wrote in the Unichord: “The UUCE Book Group will celebrate ten years of meeting on a regular basis, and during that time we’ve read and discussed 85 books…but it’s about much more than books—it’s about friendship and mutual support, camaraderie and laughter, sharing ideas and experiences.”

This year is the 30th anniversary of the Book Group which has met continually since 1992, and we’ve read dozens more, perhaps three times more.

It is also the year our beloved Alice passed away. She left us a treasured legacy— the love and pursuit of books. For that reason, we would like to rename the UUCE Book Group the Alice Macy Book Group. We currently have 9 members and are always looking for more. Newcomers to the group say they have felt comfortable and included right away.

Alice wrote “The Book Group operates informally—no designated facilitator, no dues or budget, no bylaws or rules. Books and meeting dates and places are selected by consensus. Discussions are lively and wide-ranging—from world events and personal events—from books in general to, eventually, the book of the month.”

Through books we’ve explored many lands and cultures, from ancient Biblical times in The Red Tent to modern Islamic life in Nine Parts of Desire: the Hidden World of Islamic Women.” We’ve read non-fiction such as The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan; the biography of Rosa Parks; The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein; There There by Tommy Orange; classics like Great Gatsby and Sense and Sensibility.

Members say one of the things they value about the Book Group is that “it’s gotten us to read things we may not have otherwise read; it has broadened our reading horizons.”
We continue to meet at noon on the last Monday of each month at a member’s home—
beginning with a potluck lunch and followed by the book discussion.

For more information, email Give the Alice Macy Book Group a try!

Dotty Carringi

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