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An Advertisement

The idea of advertising in the monthly, Bravo, was Bob Jackson’s idea. We began work on it early in 2020, I believe. We also had Dotty’s artwork months before now, but then were frustrated by COVID and the fact that we thought we shouldn’t advertise at all because we couldn’t welcome visitors to our physical church. But when Bravo announced it would be suspending publication, I went ahead and reserved the full back page of the last edition, because if we’re going to let our flag fly, let’s do it with a splash. Here it is. A real attention-grabber, don’t you think? We have a few copies, and alternatively you can get them at Woodman’s and Herb’s Bakery and probably some other places. Mila got a crank call almost immediately, but only one.

21-Day Racial Equity Challenge

Our study group that’s doing the 21-Day Racial Justice Challenge is a success. No one has dropped out, and the conversations on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons have been scintillating. I hope that others of you give it a go if we run another one of these early next year. Elizabeth Olson is the point-person for information.

A Fun Video

Finally, I’m enclosing a link to a video made in 1950, that to me and my family is a new Christmas song, although some of you may remember it. The title is “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” It’s nutty but fun. Warning: it’s a catchy tune that may eventually require exorcising a part of your memory. 

Rev. Leland Bond-Upson

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